Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I think I'm going to do this....

I have registered many a blog over the past few years. I'm one of those people google/blogger/wordpress/blogspot/tom/dick/harry can't stand, I'm sure of it!

I always have such good intentions too, truly I do! But alas...real life gets in the way. I get very busy with work, I get super happy and have lots going on - no time to blog OR I get kind of bored and don't have a lot going on - no reason to blog...excuses, excuzez, boolsheets.

Anywho, I think i'm going to try this again. My last (and only) entry was about a year and a month ago, so, perraps this time of year, I have a higher blogging hankering than at other times? Me no know. My birthday did just pass tho, so...maybe? Reflection and ish.

Reading my first entry tho, wooo, it made me ever so slightly teary eyed. I remember that day really well too. [Note to self: Don't blog when emotional, smh]. Well, no one to share my good and crappy days with yet, but it's a-okay. I do a very, very good job of putting on my big gurl pannies, and keeping those heffaz in place by myself, cos big girls don't cry...except for once a month, when your hormones are a vengeful frenemy, whose sole purpose is to see you crumble in a pool of your saltwater tears, adrift on an island of......too much? Yeah well, other than those days? I got this.

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